Whether the task is configuring and turning up a router, running Ethernet cable, or providing qualified field services on a global enterprise level, GGE has the skill and support to see your project through completion.



Technical Troubleshoot


Repair Services


  • Special Projects Training

    When a project needs specialized training, we ensure that every field technician that is part of the project receives a very thorough training before ever visiting our customer’s site. By shadowing an experienced field technician while at a project site gives the best training experience. When this is not possible we create an online web-ex training session with one of our professional trainers hosting the session. This allows for a one on one presentation of the scope and gathers the required feedback needed to make sure the technician is ready to tackle the job. Whether the project is just a few sites or a nationwide rollout, training is our number one concern.

  • Field Technician Qualifications

    Our database is more than just a list of field technicians; we constantly calculate their performance on every job to ensure we only send the most qualified candidates. Prompt arrival and efficient time-to-resolution are paramount to the technician rating system. In addition, our streamlined feedback systems allow us to track these and other metrics in real-time.

  • Dispatching Process

    Upon receipt of a site visit request, we contact all of our Gold Star field technicians automatically, that are within range of the location’s postal code. This allows for and extremely rapid rsponse from a long list of field technicians that constantly perform work with the highest ethics and skill sets.

  • Vetting Processes

    Our Field tech dispatch team is made up of experienced Network Operations personnel that are extremely competent technicians themselves. This allows us to fully understand both the customer’s needs and the field technician’s skillset when communicating with them on the phone. We contact our field technicians 5 days prior to the job and discuss the scope of work and then again one day prior to ensure nothing has changed with the scheduling. Within two hours of the scheduled appointment time, we reach out again to ensure that the technician is going to be onsite in a timely manner and have all the tools needed for the scope of work.

  • Project Proficiency

    GGE has successfully managed projects ranging from 1000+ custom kiosk deployments to single-site installations of 3rd party vendor hardware such as time-clocks, phone systems and of course complete networks. Our technicians are familiar with every step of a standard Kiosk installation process, from the initial inventorying of nuts and bolts to physical installation of palletized cabinetry and electronic components, and beyond when we provide operational training to end-users. Our specialization into advanced technician training methodology allows for a rapid dissemination of the critical information our technicians need to succeed on any project; we will work closely with you to detail your exact needs and ensure that our resource chain is positioned to deliver an ideal solution.

  • Kiosk Expertise

    The GGE technician network has extensive experience installing kiosks and digital display systems on a nationwide scale while coordinating with vendors, shippers and project management. The custom solutions deployed for just one of our clients include customer-facing point-of-sale photo kiosks, employee-facing control systems and mixed-environment servers providing connectivity and services for an entire retail environment. The installation and support of digital signage is a skill base we continue to actively develop within our network of field technicians, and we also back up that project-centric training with extensive network expertise. Our technicians go to site prepared to troubleshoot network issues on every assignment, whether it is for a simple part replacement or a complete kiosk installation.