The Closedown of Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak in South Portland

The Closedown of Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak in South PortlandBugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain located in South Portland near the Maine Mall was being closed in June 2016 after being open for more than 20 years. This sudden close of the steakhouse made more than 60 employees jobless in instant. The shutdown of this steakhouse happened following the closing of the other subsidiaries located in Bangor which happened one week before.

– The Former Employees of Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse
The shutdown of the steakhouse in Portland was leaving only two chain locations of the steakhouse which remained open after running the business in 1990s. The shutdown also happened in Bangor one week earlier and was leaving 19 employees jobless. These two shutdowns followed the closure took place one month earlier in Massachusetts, Milford, New Hampshire, and Newington. As stated by the Forecaster, the Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse located in South Portland was being one of the original cornerstones of the Clark Pond development project.

After the news of the closing of the steakhouse was being released, the former employees of this Bugaboo Creek had all been invited to the State Department of Labors Rapid response Team. The meeting was conducted on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 located at Greater Portland Career Center. The Rapid Response Staff provided assistance to collect the unemployment benefits as well as to give help with the re-employment and provide some additional information on the health insurance options. The assistance was due to the high demand on the restaurant industry which needed more manpower.


– Bugaboo Creek
Starting in 2010, Bugaboo Creek had closed down all of its restaurants but two as they were undergoing the restructuring period due to the bankruptcy to secure new ownership and shutter new of locations along the Northeast. The Bugaboo Creek chain was being famous for its rustic decoration known as the Canadian Rockies. This steakhouse was soon to become the favorite dining location for the family in the area as it also provided attractive and delightful rustic decoration. Nevertheless, many restaurants with new updated decoration and more vivacious menus had been drawing the customers over this old chain restaurant.

The remaining two Bugaboo Creek steakhouse chains were located in Nashua, New Hampshire, and Newark, Delaware. The employees of these two steakhouse chains were already being informed that the closure of the restaurants were imminent. The development of the restaurant judi bola industry along with its innovative menus and competitive challenge to satisfy the customers tastes buds may become the reason for the bankruptcy of this Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain in the past.


Reasons Why You Need to Eat at Bugaboo Creek Steak House
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Reasons Why You Need to Eat at Bugaboo Creek Steak House

The Bugaboo Creek Steak House can be considered as one famous steak house chains that you can find in America. Even though there are only about ten of the steak houses under the name of Bugaboo Creek, those restaurants are considered as some of the best that you can find. If you have never tried eating at Bugaboo Creek Steak House, you need to try it sometimes. That is because there are some reasons why you might want to try eating the steak on Bugaboo Creek Steak House.

For the start, they have the best materials and ingredients for their steak. This is the absolute thing that you need from a steak house. That is because without the perfect meat and the best ingredients, you will not be able to get the best steak that you want. That is the most important thing that you will surely get from this steak house. The next reason why you need to try this steak house for at least once in your life is because of the list on the menu. When you are talking about the menu, this steak house offers you some nice menu that you can pick based on your need. If you think that your menu will be limited with one or two dishes, you are wrong. There are a lot of dishes that you can find on the menu, even for the kids. This way, you will not need to worry about ordering the same dish over and over again in Bugaboo Creek Steak House.

Reasons Why You Need to Eat at Bugaboo Creek Steak House

The next reason in which people of the like this information because the nice concept that this restaurant. When you are talking about the concept of many steak houses nowadays, you will mostly find the kind of modern style with the minimalist design and such things. However, that is not the thing that you will find from this steak house. That is the main concept of this steak house is a bit raw, looks like a cabin style. That is something totally uncommon. As an addition to that, Bugaboo Creek Steak House also has an icon of the talking moose. This is something that you will always find on the branch of this steak house. Using the electrical system, this steak house offers you the big moose that moves and talks. That is one real attraction for those who bring their kids to this steak house.

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Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak Chain Items Were On Sale

Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak Chain Items Were On Sale

Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak, known as steakhouse chain business, had closed its doors. After running the restaurant business for more than 20 years, the news on the close down of this well known steakhouse along with its chains was still left many people speechless. The news of the closing was being announced through the companyÆs website.

– The Closedown of the Bugaboo Creek
As being announced on its official website, the agen bola terpercaya company wrote, After more than 20 years, the time has come for us to close our doors. It has been a pleasure to serve you and thank you for all of the memories, the statement was being released in 2016 and there was no other information being displayed on the website regarding the closing. The company was basically located in New York and New England state. Following the announcement of the closing, several Bugaboo steakhouses were also being decreased to nine. This steakhouse chain was known for its talking animals which were effective to attract the childrenÆs interests. The concept of the restaurant was also decorated in Canadian north woods style. The conservative menu of steaks as well as other items was also proved to be able to capture the taste buds of lots customers. The Bugaboo Creek appeared from Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy proceedings in 2012, but it seemed to be struggling more to face the competitive restaurant business which also had sent several casual restaurant chains into the bankruptcy court.

– The Sale of Bugaboo Creek Items
Although Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse chains were already gone, some of their unique yet rustic items remained. For the people who were already in love with the restaurant and wanted to preserve some memories of it would be very interested in purchasing some items once decorating the restaurant. The sale was initiated by the company as they were looking for some reasonable offers. It was believed that the items would be able to bring back the old memories when were at Bugaboo Creek and some of the items might also create the personal attachment between the employees and the customers.

The items being on sale including the woodpecker, the moose head, the barrel raccoon, the buffalo, the Cigar Store Indian, the Canadian Mountie, the pictures as well as distinctive items being hung on the wall were also up for the bid. The steak knives with Bugaboo Creek brand were also able to attract the interests of the bidders.
It was proven that although the restaurant was gone, the memory of Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain remained in the heart of its loyal customers.

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Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak Chain in Maryland Reborn as BC Steak

Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak Chain

Following the previous reopening of the closed Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain in Gaithersburg in March 31, the new chain was being opened in Maryland under the new name of BC Steak. The Bugaboo Creek in Maryland was closed in February. Capitol BC, the restaurant group, came with two concepts.

– New Ownership
As the Bugaboo Creek chains were being closed down due to bankruptcy in 2011, the 12 chains of the steakhouses were being purchased by Capitol BS which also run the restaurant business. Capitol BC had been intended to refurbish the restaurants with mid-Atlantic concepts
The ideas were not executed directly at that time. Instead, the company was closing down one unit of the Bugaboo Creek steakhouses at a time. Then, it overhauled the locations of the steakhouses and unveiled the new concepts of the steakhouses as BC Steak as well as to introduce new vibrant menus in more polished yet upscale ambience.

– The Reason behind the New Concept
The first reopened restaurant was located in Gaithersburg. The new concept being introduced in Gaithersburg was completely changing Bugaboo Creek into a different steak restaurant. The introduction of a more stylish menu and the wine list as well as the upgraded service was being proposed in this BC Steak restaurant.
The main issue being faced by Capitol BC was the competition against the mid-range steakhouse business such as Outback, Texas Roadhouse and Longhorn Steak which had massive buying power and larger advertising budgets. Capitol BC was still figuring out the concept of higher level product and service with slightly higher prices.
BC Steak offered new menus included Maryland Style Crab Cake which was being prepared fresh everyday with abundant crab meat; SautÚed Whiskey Shrimp with housemade bourbon, mustard sauce cream; Cedar Plank Salmon, marinated with soy and glazed with sweet mustard; and many appetizing menus.

Another new concept for the old Bugaboo Creek was the Silver Birch Bar addition which being housed at a different space inside the restaurant. This bar was open for unlimited hours. To make the judi online customers comfortable, the bar was being decorated with lounge area, darts, and shuffleboard tables in order to attract the customers after the work hours.
The new concept and environment of the old Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain as the new BC Steak was to retain as many as the old Bugaboo Creek guests. This new restaurant was hoped to be able to give different dining experience for the customers.

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What Happened with Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak Chain?

Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain

Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain was considered as a traditional American steakhouse. The setting of the restaurant was made of wood and stone. The unique decoration of this steak chain restaurant was the hanging animal sculpture on the walls as well as some small lanterns which enable to create a countryside atmosphere to its contented ambiance.

– Unique Signatures
Besides being famous with its comfortable setting, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse also provided welcoming and warm services. The restaurant was equipped with a party room which was decorated with Texan-style setting and was appropriate for families and friends. This steak restaurant was also famous with its variety of steaks and its signature sauces. The Italian fire ovens were set in the kitchen as for baking the steaks and potato wedges. The butterfly shrimps were being grilled on the charcoal grill and then served with toppings made of lemon juice and spice mix. Besides the menu being mentioned previously, the restaurant also served fresh grilled vegetables along with its main entrees. On the other hand, the restaurant’s bar also served teas, coffees as well as alcoholic beverages. The bar was also completed with domestic and import beers, as well as some wine. This steakhouse was also preparing extensive menu for kids. There were usually plenty numbers of families with kids eating in this restaurant.

What Happened with Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak Chain

– The Bankruptcy
In February 2014, the owner of Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, CB Holding Corp, has announced that the agen bola company along with its subsidiaries had filed for some protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The company operated 12 Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, 20 Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse and 7 The Office Beer Bar & Grill restaurants operating along the

– Eastern Seaboard.
After the announcement of the bankruptcy, the company closed down 12 Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse and 29 Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse. The Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse was finally closed down after more than 20 years of operations. This shutdown totally made Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse being missed by all of its loyal customers.
Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse had become a family favorite dining place along with its interactive wildlife and charming rustic décor. The friendly ambiance also played the big role on the reason why the customers kept on dining in this restaurant.

As being stated by the representative of CB Holding Corp., one reason to the shutdown of Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain was also due to the original development of Clarks Pond. Whatever the reason was, the steakhouse was gone but remained unforgettable.

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Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak Reruns as BC Steak

Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak Reruns as BC SteakAfter the shutdown of Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chains, the first location to reopens for the business is located in Gaithersburg and is considered as the first with a new concept to attract the customers and compete with other restaurants. The new restaurant is known with its name, BC Steak.

– Going for Business Once Again
For the Americans, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse was a famous restaurant with lots of chains spreading all over the country. One icon which always reminded of this steakhouse was its talking animals. The animatronic bison and moose heads which came to life and started to talk, regardless whether the customers wanted them to do so or not, had been able to attract the customers to dine in this restaurant and being entertained by its two well-known talking animals.

The Capitol BC which owned more than 10 steakhouses located all over the Mid-Atlantic and New England was getting rid of these talking animals and started the new concepts of its steak restaurant. The concept of a smooth appearance and updated menu was being proposed through the name of BC Steak and the Silver Birch Bar. The first reopened restaurant was being built at the former location of Bugaboo Creek on March 31 in Gaithersburg.

– New Concepts
The new reopen restaurant was carrying out new concept by leaving out the well known talking animals which were previously making the Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse to be widely known. The president and chief operating of Capitol BC, Bill Burnett, stated that talking animals were now easily found everywhere and the new concept of BC Steak was being implemented later on to other 10 restaurants. The renovated BC Steak and Silver Birch Bar only kept two black antler chandeliers from its previous restaurant decoration, Bugaboo Creek. It was stated that kids had no longer put an interest in the talking animals as they were begun to be equipped with smart phones and iPads. They would care less on the animatronic animals.

In order to be able to compete with modern casual dining chains such as Outback and Longhorn Steakhouse, the management of the company had prepared some new interactive concepts for its steakhouse chains.
The new ideas were seen from the name and the decoration change to obtain a new start for the business. This fresh start could maintain the lodge feel and give the more refined look for the old Bugaboo Creek Restaurant Canada Steak chain in the near future.